An Overall View On Digital Marketing In 2019.


An Overall View On Digital Marketing In 2019.

by James Destinas

What is Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, when I think about marketing, I think about promoting brands, products and services through the digital or online platform. A few digital channels that come to mind are social media, newsletters, emails, search engines, etc. This is because of the ease with which a wider audience can be accessed through such channels. The digital platform undoubtedly offers an ease with which businesses can effectively marketing themselves. And this is what digital marketing is all about! It has brought in a revolutionary change in the way businesses conduct business!

While reaching large crowds proved to be a very expensive and time taking process a few years ago, nowadays, anyone who has the appropriate software, an internet connection, and a computer device can spread a message very quickly and with ease!

To make it clearer, digital marketing is basically all about utilizing all the digital technologies available to us to reach the marketing objectives set for our business. It can be used to remove borders between classes and even scale between different geographical situations to send a number of messages at a time to anyone, anywhere! One of the biggest roles that comes under digital marketing is handling and maintaining the business’ online presence with the use of these digital platforms which include the various social medias, blogs, and websites.

I am often asked questions like,

‘How do Facebook Ads fall into Digital Marketing’, or

‘How does SEO fall into Digital Marketing’, or

‘What’s the overall Digital Marketing Strategy?’ or even

‘How do Cold Emails come under Digital Marketing’ and ‘How are all these different things related?’

That’s why, let me tell you that there are many components that are included in digital marketing. Let’s take a look at the most common components and how do they come into play in digital marketing strategies!

Best Practices Digital Marketing

Since there are many components in digital marketing, the way that they are connected together and used, might differ from business to business. However, through my years of experience in this field, I have found refuge in one particular path that I like to follow, which has proven to be quite successful for myself and my clients.

I would like to share it with you, so that you may also be able to better understand the digital marketing landscape!

1.     Content is the King of digital marketing. The digital marketing path starts with content on which! Therefore, you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It can prove to be a challenge because you do not have any direct interaction with the customers. Therefore, according to me, the best way to do so is to have something of useful, value, relevant, and importance to share with your audience.

2.     Once you have the right content ready and it is ready to share, now you need to focus on the timing! This is because there are a few ways which can help you get in front of people immediately, while there are others that take time to get acknowledged by people.

3.     Now the question that arises is ‘Now that the content has already been created, how am I going to get this in front of people?’. Therefore, you need to distribute your content in a way that it reaches the right audience and generates traffic for you in a timely manner.

Let’s take a look at the various ways of distribution:

·      Advertisements- Advertisements are the best way of instantly making your content visible to and accessible by people. Payed ads like social ads, search ads, and influencer ads are a few examples They are the quickest way of getting in front of audiences because you do not need any permission to do so as you pay for the add and put it across different platforms!

·      Re-targeting- It is one of the most effective, paid way of gaining traffic and getting in front of relevant audience. This is because through re-targeting, customers are targeted based on what interests they show on the internet.

·      Guest Postings- Guest postings are another way of quickly getting in front of people. They are unpaid and let your work be advertised to an already established audience. It means, posting your content on someone’s blog or website who already has a good audience and is willing to let you be in front of them! Although it can be a slightly more time-taking process as you first need to ask their permission, post your content and get it in front of people, they are an effective way of do so!

·      Cold Emails- Unlike the above methods, cold emails can take quite a lot of time. This is because getting the right list of people whom you wish to target and fabricating the best email in terms of language and content can take time! The key to successfully use cold emails as a tool for digital marketing is to identify the perfect group of people for whom you think your content is the most relevant for. Once that is done, all you need to do is send your message using different methods!

·      Newsletters- It is another effective way of getting in front of people. However, it is one of the most time taking method. This is because, first you have to create a list of people to target, then you need to gain their interest in your business before you start using your email marketing strategies on them!

·      Social Media Postings- Being active on social media and posting your content regularly for people to find it is also an effective way to market yourself. You will probably have to use some hashtags to generate traffic for your site. Other than that, you might also have to pay to get in front of a larger audience on such platforms to be able to grow there.

4.     Once you have put your content online and it is available for people to look up and search, you need to keep adding more content to your website. When people slowly start to share your content and start showing more interest in it, the search engines like Bing, Google, Firefox, etc. will start finding you! They will start understanding who you are, so as to make it easy for people to find you. This generates an organic traffic, which eventually help you to grow your business!

There are many more ways in which you can conduct a digital marketing campaign successfully. However, the way I differentiated the above steps is based on the simple factor of speed. The tiers given above lead you from the fastest to the slowest ways of digital marketing! While initially you may utilize only one or two of the above-mentioned digital channels, your ultimate aim must be to eventually hit all of them.



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James Destinas