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Websites + Branding + Content + Email + Social.

We Build Marketing Systems For Your Brand So That You Can Easily Manage It Yourself.


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Hi, I’m James. And we’re tG² Digital Group - a team of specialists that help brands grow online.



Some brands want to build and manage their marketing themselves. Others want to completely outsource it and be hands off.

We work with brands that want help with building their online marketing systems in a way where they can easily manage it themselves going forward. This includes systems to manage…

Websites + Branding + Content + Email + Social


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What Clients Are Saying…



We are generous Listeners, Teachers & Consultants. Our success is driven by your excitement and passion for serving your audience. 


“James has a very unique talent when it comes to digital marketing and I guarantee you will be satisfied with his work. We’ve been able to secure multiple leads because of the systems he’s put in place. Without any reservation, I 100% recommend James.”

— Sam Pierre, Managing Director, SMP


“James is an EXPERT in email marketing and messaging. He helped me tremendously in the last few weeks.”

— Rebecca Lima, Founder & CEO, The Lieu


James has been significant in working with our business development team to help our clients reach their target audiences quickly and effectively with cold email marketing. tG² Digital’s team knows how to use the right communication and software to get prospects to respond to emails!

Christina Rene, Founder & CEO of Voila Event Solutions


tG² Digital has consistently helped us with our business and marketing strategies. James is direct and creative with how to use words to get the attention of prospects. If you don't know what to say, he'll pull it out of you.

Jeff Lindor, Founder & CEO of The Gentlemen’s Factory


“James has packaged his information in a very logical and simple and super effective manner the way I have never seen before.”

— F. Persia Jamshidi Ph.D, Founder & CEO, Manhattan Hathor


We needed a well-designed website in a short period of time that would be able to accept donations, emails and provide clear information. James took charge and got it done for us quickly. Love his consultive approach.

Rodneyse Bichotte, NY State Assemblymember for the 42nd Street District



What We Do…



Websites + Branding + Content + Email + Social


Web Design & Development

Building out a website can be time-consuming. Even on an easy to use platform like Squarespace. We’ll design and build a beautiful website for you. One that you can easily take over and manage once we’re complete which saves you both time and money. In other words - No more waiting for pictures, video and wording to be updated. You’ll be able to do it all yourself at anytime.


Branding & Digital Strategy

What are your brand fonts? What are your brand colors? Do you have this information ready to share with those creating marketing materials for you brand? Our graphic team will build all elements of your brand into an easy to share online tool called Canva. We’ll also include branded PDF templates that you can easily update and manage with minimum graphic design skill needed. Beautiful branded marketing material every time without the ongoing costs.


Content Strategy & Development

Are you sharing value with your audience periodically? This can be blogs, vlogs and/or podcasts. The best way to build a presence online is to create, curate and/or share quality content that your target audience finds value in. We’ll help you figure out what that value looks like. We’ll help you create a schedule with publishing deadlines. And we’ll help you build a system to execute your content plan easily. 


Social & Email Strategy

With incredible content available to share -  distribution via Social, Email, SEO and Ads become the focus. What is your plan for getting the content you work so hard to put together out there on the web. How should it be posted to maximize your desired call to action. We’ll help you use your content in a way that drives the business goals you aim to reach. What you do will be all over the web in no time!



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Let’s build the - easy to update - web pages, templates and other marketing tools your business needs to grow online faster.



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