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We Are tG² Digital Group. A Team of Digital Consultants That Will Help You Grow Your Brand.



Getting your brand in front of new people is easier today than its ever been!

And yet there is still a reluctance and hesitation to take advantage of this opportunity. To stand out in this increasingly borderless world, you must develop an ongoing online presence worth paying attention to.

This could be a blog, podcast, youtube channel or whatever alternative you’re most comfortable with. And this is the easy part.

Another question to think about is - once you do get in front of a new audience, what will you share that will result in your desired response? That’s the challenging part.

What will you give a stranger that's helpful enough to build trust and inspire them to want more from you? And how can you repeat and scale what works to build an audience of raving fans?

At tG² Digital, we believe that in order to attract the people in the world that truly value what you have to offer, you must Think Give To Get.

How generous are you willing to be in sharing your unique experiences, views and opinions about what you do or have built that will attract the type of people who care about what you have to say and sell.

We can help. To get started, contact us below. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned over the past few years about the Digital world.

James Destinas,
Founder & Lead Consultant at tG² Digital Group


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Branding & Marketing Consulting

What do you stand for? Can your target clients tell the difference between you and the other alternatives in your industry. What colors represent your brand? What fonts? What makes you different. The goal is to never have price be the sole differentiating factor between your brand and the next. We’ll help you make these decisions early through interviews and research. In the end, your target clients will know exactly who you are and what you stand for so they can choose appropriately.



Content Creation & Distribution

What are your target customers talking about right now? And how can you enter the conversation before they move to picking amongst alternatives. Great content consists of providing the knowledge, ideas and approach before your target clients need it. We’ll help you answer the top questions you get and share it in a way that attracts the right type of target customer.


Web Design & Development

Your business needs a website that looks amazing and says a lot about what makes you different. This way you can achieve desired results like generating leads, acquiring customers, making it real easy for your brand to be found and also being mobile-friendly. At tG² Digital Group, we design top-notch websites that are the focal point of your entire business.,,,,,,,,,



Accountability & Group Coaching

Often times many people know what to do. They just require support in actually doing what needs to be done. We recently launched a virtual accountability and coaching program to facilitate conversations around build and sharing brands. Do you know what to do next? How confident are you that it will get you the result you’re looking for. Is being stuck lasting more than you want. Let’s talk about it. Let’s figure it out together so that what ever is in your way is removed and you get to move forward the way you’ve always wanted to.


 About Me

I’m a marketing consultant with 13+ years experience in Business Development, Operations, Marketing, Lead Generation & Digital Strategy. Over the past four years, I’ve helped over 50+ businesses improve their branding, digital marketing, lead generation, and sales. 

With a collection of digital platform certifications, a graduate degree in Strategic Communication from Seton Hall University and an undergraduate degree in Finance from Temple University - the goal is to help you achieve everything digitally.




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