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Getting in front of new people is easier today than its ever been!

Once you get in front of them, however, what will you share that will result in a sale - that part is the challenge.

What can you give to a stranger that's helpful enough to build to trust and buy from you? And how can you do this over and over?


Think Give To Get.

It’s what we care about. It’s what we will help you do in your business.

I’m a marketing consultant with 13+ years experience in Business Development, Operations, Marketing, Lead Generation & Digital Strategy.

Over the past four years, I’ve helped over 50+ businesses improve their digital marketing, lead generation, and sales.

I hold a graduate degree in Strategic Communication from Seton Hall University and an undergraduate degree in Finance from Temple University.

Our Core Team Amongst Many…


Jen Indiano
Operations & Web Manager

Max Banzon
Marketing & Client Success Manager


Looking forward to connecting and hopefully working with you.

James Destinas,
Founder & Lead Consultant at tG² Digital Group 


Certified Specialist with

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